Come enjoy a night of Bolivian culture and carnaval! There will be Bolivian food, Andean music, folkloric dance, and an exhibit of photographs from Bolivia’s Valle Alto carnaval in Virginia. The night is also a fundraiser for The Dream Project.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

from 6pm – 11pm

at Rumba Cafe 

2443 18th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009

This exhibit gives a taste of Only the Bridge Matters Now‘s photographs and focuses on Carnaval Valluno 2016, transporting us to Bolivia, not in South America, but in Virginia.

Only the Bridge Matters Now is a multimedia project about Bolivians from the Valle Alto who struggle to keep their communities and families united in northern Virginia by carrying on tradition, memory, and immense love for their hometowns. “To forget is to die and be reborn,” wrote Eduardo Mitre, a Bolivian poet living in the United States. Forgetting is one of the greatest dangers in the Bolivian emigrant community as towns have almost entirely left the Valle Alto region southeast of Cochabamba and transplanted in northern Virginia. Bolivians in Virginia say there are two spaces of their lives: Bolivia, territory of the heart and the United States, land of work. Cultural activities are the life force of the community abroad and the community in Virginia continues to celebrate three main events throughout the year; Santa Vera Cruz in May, Todos Santos in November, and Carnavales in February and March. There are about 10 carnavales parties every year, when groups compete in dancing and singing verses in Quechua, when women dress as their mothers and grandmothers, and when the accordion, charango, and drums play through the night. For if forgetting is dying, then “to remember is to live,” as a DJ shouted in a Virginia church during 2016 Carnaval Valluno.

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