Named Scholarship Donor Program

Young people with uncertain immigration status face immense obstacles in pursuing the ambitions that fire most young minds, including the central dream of higher education. Undocumented students face legal ambiguities and limitations that can be overwhelming. They may not know how to navigate the higher educational system, they often assume that there is no legal avenue to college, and many conclude that college falls well outside their financial means. The current administration has ended protection for 800,000 DACA recipients nationwide and has instituted a host of other policy changes impacting immigrant students seeking higher education. Twelve thousand DACA recipients live in Virginia, and countless more immigrant students who are not eligible for DACA and live in Virginia must pay out-of-state tuition. The uphill climb for all these students has become more daunting than ever before!

Scholarship support, even at modest levels, can be essential in enabling Dreamers to attend college. Aside from constituting a critical financial resource, scholarships are a confirmation that the student can indeed succeed in higher education, and that someone genuinely believes in their potential.

Named Scholarship Donors

Named Scholarship Donors are very special members of the Dream Project family. Named Scholarships are a wonderful way to honor a loved one, a respected colleague, an influential teacher, or a relative or ancestor who immigrated to this country.

Currently, out of the Dream Project’s 76 Dream Scholars, 40 receive scholarships from Named Scholarship Donors. The goal of the Dream Project in 2017/2018 is to award annual scholarships in the amount of $1,500. If you choose to become a Named Scholarship Donor, we encourage you to continue that commitment of $1,500 for four years in order to see your scholar through college.

Named Scholarship Recipients

In order to receive a scholarship from the Dream Project, student applicants must have graduated from or be a senior at a Virginia high school and have demonstrated the ability to overcome challenges that result from their own or their parents’ immigration status. Students must participate in a rigorous application and interview process during which their academic record, service to community and proven ability to overcome obstacles is assessed. In order for their scholarships to be renewed, students must submit their college transcripts to the Dream Project and meet the requirements of their college or university to continue to study. Each year, Named Scholarship Recipients write a letter to their Named Scholarship Donors updating them about their majors, their academic progress and other activities in which they are participating at school.

To become a Named Scholarship Donor, please contact our Executive Director, Lizzette Arias, at 571-268-1083 or email her at

Thank you for showing our Dream Scholars that you believe in their ability to succeed and for helping them to realize their dreams of a higher education!