Stock and Appreciated Securities

  • The Dream Project account is with Fidelity Investments
  • Our Fidelity account number is Z48-772220
  • Our DTC number is: 0226 (used when stock transferred from donor’s account to our account)
  • Our Tax ID#: 45-1869894
  • When you authorize the stock transfer you will need to provide the following information:
    • Name of registered owners on the share
    • Name of eligible brokerage
    • Account holder address and daytime telephone number
    • Whether you will list your name or remain anonymous
    • If your account is with Fidelity and the donation is for less than $10,000, no signature guarantee will be required. If the donation is greater than $10,000, a signature guarantee may be required.

If you are making a stock/appreciated security donation, please share the above with your broker and also alert Cecilia Morales, at about your gift.

Donor names may not transfer along with stock shares, so it is important for you to notify us in advance. To ensure your gift is used to support the area you wish, we need confirmation of the type and number of shares you are gifting, as well as the designation, such as general operating support.