Emergency Support for Dreamers

As America’s workforce anxiously awaits government relief checks, there are countless others here in our community who will not be receiving any financial assistance. They are undocumented immigrants working in the hotel, food, and service sectors – industries devastated by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. They are our nannies, gardeners and housekeepers…and they are our Dream Project Scholars. We believe it is our duty to support these students and their families during this crisis, and we need your help.

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted all of our lives, drastically changing the ways we live, work and go to school. But undocumented students and their families have been hit especially hard. They are our community’s vulnerable workforce who won’t be able to file for unemployment, utilize paid sick leave, or continue working their jobs remotely.

Here at the Dream Project we have been busy connecting students and their families to local crisis resources for food, housing, and medical assistance, but there remains a gap. Now more than ever our Dreamers need you! During this difficult time we ask you to open your hearts and your wallets and make a donation to Dream Project’s Relief Fund for scholars and families adversely impacted by COVID-19.

If you are a student and need to apply for the emergency fund please fill out the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Application.