Holiday Dinner 2019—Closing the year stronger than ever!

On Friday December 13th, we held our Annual Holiday Dinner to celebrate the holiday season and all of our students. Although held on Friday the 13th, a day appointed by popular culture as a day of misfortune and a point of countless horror stories, this evening became the most successful day in Dream Project history.

We had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University. Her words of encouragement kept the audience engaged, and her fervent support for the Dreamer community cannot go unnoticed. Marymount is a university that has come out stronger than ever in support of Dreamers. Without a doubt, Marymount will continue to be an invaluable ally to the Dream Project Scholars and Dreamers all around.

We also heard from two of our students, Prishay and Diana. Prishay is a current Dream Scholars, and a college superstar! Diana is a Dream Project mentee, and a future college superstar. Their stories of perseverance and motivation captivated the audience and showcased each or their skill sets. Prishay and Diana are powerful and unique Dreamers, representing many more extraordinary students currently helped by the Dream Project.

With nearly 300 supporters, students, friends, and family, we raised $106,000 dollars—exceeding the goal we set by close to $36,000 dollars. This would not have been possible without the help of everyone who spread the word, volunteered and donated.
We give a special thank you to everyone who sponsored the Holiday Dinner—this success is our achievement.

Oh, and if you did not hear… Our impressive and successful night has empowered us to increase the financial support provided to our Dream Scholars. This upcoming year, we will award 100 scholarships at $2,000. That is more scholarships than we have ever awarded!

Please enjoy pictures of the event here.

Holiday Dinner 2019