Immigrants – They want a better life for their children

On Monday, May 4, together with six other immigrant-rights focused groups in Virginia sent a letter to Governor Northam to ask him to help the children of immigrants, our undocumented youth, regardless of status to continue with their education at Virginia colleges and Universities. You can read the letter here.

Immigrants are on the front lines supporting the rest of us with daily essentials. They are risking everything, including health and safety for this country because they want a better life for their kids. Their children aspire to enter the most demanding, and in-demand workforce tracks like nursing, technology, and education.

COVID-19 has devastated their current livelihoods since many in this population works in retail and service-related jobs. For this reason we ask that an emergency fund be made available to public and private colleges and universities that are ear marked to help all undocumented students.

If you understand the urgency of this plea, please Contact Governor Northam, and let him know that this is important to you. It is also a good idea to contact your state senator and delegate and let them know this is important to you. You can contact Governor Northam here and find out who represents you in the Virginia House and Senate using this tool from the General Assembly here.