Jack Wood Award

On May 2nd, we at the Dream Project were honored to receive the John C. “Jack” Wood Award for Town-Gown Relations in the Non-profit category awarded by George Mason University. The purpose of this prestigious award is to “recognize community individual and groups, as well as government, businesses, and not-for-profits who demonstrate leadership in fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the university and the community during this past year.” The award is named for John C. “Jack” Wood, Mayor of the town of Fairfax from 1953–1964, who advocated for a campus to be built close to the town—marking the beginning of the Town-Gown relationship.

In the past, we have partnered with Mason leaders and students to achieve our mission of serving undocumented young adults at Mason. We also work closely with Mason Dreamers, an advocacy student organization at Mason, and connect Mason student researchers with our scholars. This gives the Mason community ample opportunities to learn from our unique Dreamers. Furthermore, the Dream Project has provided a leadership role and visibility to Mason’s President, Dr. Cabrera, who has been a keynote speaker at Dream project events and currently serves as an Advisory Board Member.

Last year, 22 of our 95 scholars attended George Mason and this year that number increased to X. We are so proud of our Mason students, and so happy to be part of the Mason Family.