Apply to be a Mentee

Becoming a Dream Project Mentee is about joining a community. In this community, our mentees find support and inspiration to achieve their dreams of higher education.  To date, all of our mentees have gone on to enroll in college and we are proud to say that they continue to excel at their institutions. Our mentees also find they have a voice – a powerful one – that they learn to develop, not only to speak up for themselves, but more importantly, to use to support their peers who are aiming for the same goals.

The mentoring program sessions are held every Wednesday from September-April (excluding holidays) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Arlington.

The program requires that students commit to attend from beginning to end and come prepared to work diligently at each session.

Dream Project mentees are students who:

  • are currently enrolled as seniors in a Northern Virginia high school;

  • demonstrate a strong desire to attend college;

  • and face challenges in accessing higher education due to immigration status.

Applications to join the 2019-2020 Dream Project Mentoring Program have begun.  Interested?  Click here.