Named Scholarships FAQ

1. When should I send in my gift to support my Named Scholarship?

Please submit your gift by February 28 so that we can award scholarships in March. Our fiscal year is from June to July.

2. How should I make my contribution?

If possible, please send a check to:
Dream Project C/O Cecilia Morales
P.O Box 7419
Arlington VA 22207
or execute a wire transfer.
Please also complete the Named Scholarship Commitment Form at the end of the page. Our Director of Fundraising, will follow up with once you submit the form.

3. Can I connect with my scholarship recipient? How?

Yes, our staff will provide the student’s contact information including email and phone number. Each student will also write a letter in the summer months. We encourage you to reply, but it is not required.

4. As you increase the award amount of the scholarship, do I need to continue increasing my contribution?

No. We will honor your Named Scholarship at the amount you initially pledged.

5. What happens if my assigned student graduates or is unable to continue attending school?

While we support our students in many ways, sometimes they are unable to fulfill their studies. When this happens, a new student will be assigned to you. Your former student or staff member will contact you with an update.

6. Can I share the cost of my Named Scholarship with a relative/friend?

Yes, please contact us and indicate how we may expect to receive your gifts and from whom.

7. Should I make four installments over four years or can I provide a lump sum?

Either way is fine! If you would like to pay your scholarship in full, please alert us to your intention. We are happy to accept payment in full.