Most of our Dream Scholars are now beyond their freshman year in college and looking toward a career.

Our supporters, besides the tremendous financial boost you supply, can help here.  The students are looking for internships and jobs but lack the networks that most upper middle class college students can tap into.  We would like the help of our supporters in creating this network.
Please let us know if you can help in one of the following ways.

  • Provide an internship or job opportunity.
  • Conduct informational interviews to guide students toward potential opportunities.
  • Participate in informal group meet-ups with students and other professionals in your field.

If you can help, please let us know something about yourself and your professional background and what you would be able to help with.  If you know of a specific opportunity, give some details of your expectations for the applicant and information about the nature of the opportunity.  We can either prescreen student applicants or send them to you unfiltered.

For further questions, please contact our Board member Julie Zalkind via email at
Thank you for your consideration to assist us with Dream Project’s Internship Network and for your ongoing support!


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