Together, we continue to make dreams come true.


This past academic year, our organization was able to reach several important milestones: from awarding $76,000 in scholarships to 76 outstanding students; expanding our mentoring program; establishing new partnerships with local universities; having 10 Scholars graduate from college; to being recognized by the White House.


Our students’ parents, donors and volunteers are key partners in this effort and provide support in many ways. In doing so, they become the major influences in a student’s life – family, school, and community.


During the past year, the efforts of the Dream Project have been extremely productive and rewarding! In order to remain steadfastly focused on achieving our mission, we were diligent in our fund-raising, community outreach, student mentoring, and scholarship award activities. These efforts collectively reflect our mission to empower students whose immigration status creates barriers to access and success in college through scholarships, mentoring, family engagement and advocacy.


Attached, please find Dream Project’s 2015-2016 Annual Report.



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