Dream Project’s Parents Committee Raffle Results

After an extremely successful fundraising campaign led by the Dream Project’s Parents Committee. We are very excited to announce the five winners of this years raffle. You can watch the raffle here: https://youtu.be/BjoA9T_PPc0

In case you’d like to skip the video you can see the winning tickets here:

The five winners are:

  • 10 Salteñas – Eliana Torres
  • Wine Set – Emma Violand-Sanchez
  • 30 Pupusas – Jaime Patino
  • 10 Silpanchos – Maria Eugenia Villaroel
  • Electric Motorcycle – Patricia Sanguinnetti

We apologize for the technology problems that kept us from live streaming the raffle, but we are eternally grateful that we are able to surpass the goal of selling 550 tickets. This fundraiser will go directly to scholarships for Dreamers.

Thank you everyone once again!