Brith R.

Until age seven, Brith relied on the care and support of her older sister, aunt and uncle in Bolivia while her parents lived in the United States. To Brith, gaining parents at age seven was as new as living in the United States. At first Brith felt resentment toward her parents and a sense of abandonment. These feelings evaporated once her younger sister was born a few years after Brith arrived in the US because Brith felt a love for her baby sister that she imagined her parents must always have felt for her. She gained a new understanding about the sacrifices her parents had made for their family. She realized what it was like to want the best for someone, no matter what was necessary to achieve it – even if it meant enduring a family separation. This change of heart and new maturity motivated Brith as she forged her future path.

Brith strived for excellence in school, while participating in clubs, sports and tutoring including starting on the Varsity Gymanastics and Cheerleading, and track and Wrestling teams– all while working 20 hours per week to contribute to her family’s living expenses. During the summer Brith participated in the prestigious Early Identification Program at George Mason University which supported her in preparing for college and potential careers. Brith finished Falls Church High School with a 3.9 grade point average. Brith received the competitive Posse Scholarship, which provides recipients with full tuition and housing at the University of Rochester.

Brith is now thriving as at the University of Rochester. Brith wants to become an engineer and start her own business. To achieve these goals, she is studying Business Administration, with a minor in Environmental Engineering.