When faced with an obstacle, Diego tackles it head on. He has a remarkable ability to adapt to new circumstances and an innate curiosity about the world around him.

At the age of 11, Diego arrived in the United States from Mexico and was reunited with his parents after many years of separation. His first big challenge upon arrival, like many new immigrants, was his inability to speak and communicate in English. For Diego, this was a small detail, merely a bump in the road, and he immediately focused his efforts to get over it. From studying flashcards to watching American television shows to reading as many books as possible in English – he fully immersed himself in his new environment, and he quickly conquered the language barrier.

Soon after his arrival in the United States, Diego developed a love for Mathematics – a common language of numbers understood across all cultures. His academic interests also include Economics, where he learns about the interplay of resources, supply and demand, and Psychology, where he explores the inner workings of the mind.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Diego is also an athlete, who enjoys playing soccer. Additionally, he believes deeply in giving back to his community, where he mentors young ESL students who are coming along behind him. Diego’s insatiable desire to learn new things, his willingness to embrace new experiences, and his determination to succeed will serve him well as he navigates his way through college and into the STEM profession of his choosing.