Being an undocumented immigrant in this country doesn’t stop Flor from following her dreams. She has been recognized for numerous honors and awards, a majority of which involve video production and leadership. During her senior year, she was selected to receive the competitive and prestigious national Posse Scholarship, awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence, intrinsic leadership abilities, teamworking skills, and a motivation and desire to succeed.

Flor De Maria is active in her school and community, bridging together her desire to help others with her love for filmmaking. She works with a variety of programs that assist students on their path to college, tutors students in various academic subjects, and teaches children the skills she has learned from video production.

Flor has the drive and determination to go places – and to brighten the world around her on the way! She works hard to create a better life for herself as well as those who will come after her. Family is deeply important to Flor, and she is grateful for every moment she spends with her hardworking parents, whose courage, fortitude and selflessness serve as her constant inspiration.
Flor hopes to combine her interests in political and social issues in the United States and elsewhere with her skills and love of filmmaking, to educate others about social injustice and to influence policies to help level the playing field for underserved people.